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Bagpiper for all kinds of events

Besides being a comedian I’m also a professional bagpiper. In 2012 I won the World Championship in solo piping (grade 2).

I play the pipes at corporate events, weddings, birthdays, receptions. There’s no end to the possibilities of a bagpipe player.

The most popular tunes are ‘Scotland the Brave’ and ‘Amazing Grace’. You are in luck, because I can play both of them – plus a lot more traditional and pop/rock tunes like ‘Auld Lang Syne’, ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Thunderstruck’, ‘Yellow Submarine’ etc.

bagpiper - a bagpipe player

Who needs a bagpiper?

Well, if you want to surprise your guests, there’s hardly nothing more expressive as a bagpipe player marching into the event. The performance will give the guests an unforgettable experience.

If you want the performance to be fun too, you can look at my Bagpipe Comedy Show here

Take a listen to me playing Amazing Grace at an open concert from home island Samso in Denmark:


‘It is with the greatest pleasure that we had Claus Reiss playing for us. He entertained with fantastic bagpiping’.

– 40 Thieves Beach Bar and Bistro, Diani Beach KENYA

‘Super great show. We booked Claus for our birthday. It was super great and fun’.

– Rune and Sanne Fabricius, Copenhagen DENMARK

Content and Duration

The duration of the bagpipe music is up to you. I suggest that I play at a max. of 20-25 mins. because the music is quite voluminous. Sometimes I’m also hired as a bagpiper for 2 or 3 sets of 20 mins. each.

Between the music pieces I also tell about the instrument, the music, the kilt and my background in a most entertaining way. Sometimes one of the guests even get to play on my pipe, bagpipe that is.

How to Hire Me as Your Bagpiper

I live in Copenhagen (DK) but I do gigs in all over the world. You can call me at +4526183890, email me at info@clausreiss.dk or fill out the form.

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